If you visit any of our three churches please make yourself known and you will be assured of a very warm welcome. Don't be shy! We are always delighted to see new faces. But, let us first give you some background on who we are.

On 8th December 2013 Bishop Mark Davies 'suppressed' the three existing parishes of Our Lady's, St Augustine's and St Martin's. The new parish of the Divine Saviour, which incorporates these three churches, was then 'erected' (a technical term in Canon Law). The reason for this is Fr. George Malecki was asked by the Bishop to minister to all three churches to prevent any of the churches being closed because of the shortage of priests. A difficult and onerous challenge but one which he accepted.

Each church has a committed and devout congregation and people have an emotional connection with their own church. Many have been baptised, taken their First Holy Communion, been confirmed and some, even, married in the same church. Now some of their children are following in that time-honoured tradition. However, now our horizons are being widened and we feel we are becoming part of a much bigger family.

People now attend Mass at any of the churches when it is convenient for them to do so. We are beginning to share resources and some of our Readers and Eucharistic Ministers minister at all three churches. We believe this sense of family will deepen and grow as time goes on.