Led by the Headteacher, St Chad's Catholic and Church of England High School is a good school with many outstanding features.

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It has a very clear vision to serve the neighbourhood, promote community cohesion and develop students' understanding of the diverse global community. It achieves these aims very well. One parent wrote that the school, `provides the ideal environment for children to flourish, build confidence and be happy.' This sums the school up effectively. Staff work well together to provide a very positive ethos for learning where all students, including those in vulnerable circumstances, feel welcome and build strong relationships with others.

Students feel extremely safe in the school. Behaviour is generally excellent and students say that there is very little evidence of bullying. The school is orderly and well managed. Students know who to turn to should problems arise and they value the support of all members of staff, including the resident police officer. The strong promotion of personal and social responsibility within the school encourages students to be polite and friendly to visitors. This is a school that values all students and is highly inclusive, promoting equality of opportunity for all exceptionally well.

The headteacher and senior leaders are well respected by parents, carers and teachers. All staff work well together to a common agenda and purpose. The specialist language status of the school has been well used to improve teaching across departments, to support developments in the wider community, and to enhance students' understanding of the world beyond school. The curriculum meets students' needs well and the quality of care, guidance and support is outstanding. Self-evaluation is accurate; senior leaders and managers know the strengths and weaknesses of the school well. As a result, the capacity for sustained improvement is good.